A Little Can Go A Long Way

Woman and children are particularly vulnerable...

... to the risks of being unbanked. This is true for woman in both rich and poor countries.

Younger people who start banking early...

...tend to be more successful as they learn financial discipline and start saving for their future.

Savings kept in a cookie jar...

...does no good for anyone. The substantial sums that can be returned to the banking system are not only safer and earn interest, but the funds can be loaned back into the community for infrastructure improvements and Small Business loans.

About The IBank Foundation

Our Mission

Inarguably, there is no lack of worthy causes that a charitable organization may undertake to support.

In choosing our Mission we asked ourselves the following questions:

1. Can we address a problem that affects the lives of a substantial percentage of the global population; and

2. Can we make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate on a more direct and personal level?

Our History

Our History begins right here. The IBank Foundation was recently formed as the charitable arm of IBank, Inc. a Financial Services Technology Company that provides basic banking services anywhere in the world, through a network of local merchants via their proprietary platform.

In bringing basic banking services to underdeveloped communities, we immediately recognized the opportunity to provide an additional boost to those in serious need.

Our Trustees


We are grateful to our Trustees for donating their valuable time to provide expert guidance to the operations of The IBank Foundation and the Pay It Forward program.

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Executive Director

                  Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the overhead of the IBank Foundation?

The only overhead expenses that are incurred by the foundation are the fees involved with the collection of electronic donations, which are generally less than 5%. The employees and trustees are volunteers and IBank, Inc. provides the infrastructure, e.g. computers, phones and office space.

2Do I need to open an IBank Account in order to make a donation?

Short answer: No. However, opening an IBank Account does provide additional benefits beyond the contribution that goes to the Foundation. By expanding our membership we can improve our ability to access additional third-pary services like Loans, Insurance and Group Discounts.

3How can I become a volunteer?

Just give us a call or send us an email with your details. We'll arrange a phone conference first and then, if necessary, a follow-up in-person interview.

4What help can I be as a Foundation Volunteer?

As a volunteer, you can do any number of things such as simply promote the works of the Foundation by spreading the word on social media. If you happen to live locally, answering telephones and emails when you are available is extremely helpful. Even if you live out of state, you can work from home in your spare time.

5Can I volunteer if I don't live in the United States?

Absolutely! The IBank Foundation is a global organization whose mission is to help the underserved - wherever they may be. If you happen to be located in a country where were the Foundation can make a significant impact, we want to hear from you.